Interesting technologies - 10/2018

1 minute read

Some interesting technologies as of October 2018:

  • Deep image reconstruction from human brain activity researched by the Kamitani Lab at Kyoto University.
  • Dataset search powered by Google, currently in beta.
  • Wasabi, a dynamic analysis framework for WebAssembly.
  • Everybody Dance Now, this paper presents a simple method for do as I do motion transfer.
  • NVIDIA vid2vid, high-resolution photorealistic video-to-video translation using Pytorch.
  • The Sound of Pixels, a system that learns to locate image regions which produce sounds and separate the input sounds.
  • Walt, a JavaScript-like syntax for WebAssembly text format.
  • JavaScript Visualizer, a tool for visualizing Execution Context, Hoisting, Closures, and Scopes in JavaScript.
  • kube-score, a tool that does static code analysis of your Kubernetes object definitions.
  • BrainNet, a multi-person brain-to-brain interface for direct collaboration between brains.
  • Rosetta, Facebook’s production system for extracting text (OCR) from uploaded images.
  • Pi-hole, network-wide ad blocking via your own linux hardware.
  • Wasmjit, a small embeddable WebAssembly runtime. Its core is written in C90 and is easily portable to most environments.