About me

I am a software engineer who loves working on/with interesting technologies to solve hard problems.

I have been passionate about computer science since teenage years.


As a software engineer, I have:

  • Developed an enterprise system based on ASP.NET Core microservices. Got practical experience with polyglot persistence, advanced monitoring, various sync/async communication protocols and lots of other integration technologies. Also, I engineered some parts of the system.

  • Designed and implemented a flexible and cross-platform source code generator base on Node.js. This generator has been successfully integrated in several large projects.

  • Developed cross-platform CI and CD tools with Node.js. These tools have been integrated with third-party build systems and source control providers to automate the software production process of the company.

  • Developed a web application with a Typescript, React, Redux frontend and a Typescript, Node.js, Express backend.

  • Worked on a web application with an Angular frontend running in Electron and a Typescript, Node.js, Express backend.

As a technical trainer, I have:

  • Held a course on the Microservice software architecture, offered to experienced software developers. The course covered both theoretical concepts and best practices, with a focus on the .NET Core development platform.

  • Held a course on Web Development Fundamentals, offered to high school students. Main topics: HTML 5, CSS & SCSS, Javascript & Typescript, Node.js. At the end of the course, students were able to build a simple real-time chat application with the aforementioned technologies.


If you want to know more about me:

  • Check out my professional experience on Linkedin
  • Have at look at my open source work on GitHub