My Top 10 Reads of the Month

1 minute read

Welcome to my monthly digest! Here you will find some of the best articles, posts and projects I’ve found this month:

  • Romanian government now has its own AI assistant.
  • Japanese company brings expensive space tourism within reach of the common masses.
  • Jailbreak Chat, a collection of ChatGPT prompts evading OpenAI filters.
  • Stable Diffusion can be used to create 2D game environments. The model has some limitations for this task, but results can be good.
  • Who’s Behind the Botnet-Based Service BHProxies? by Brain Krebs.
  • LandingAI lets you build and deploy computer vision models without requiring deep technical expertise in the field.
  • Chrome Manifest v3 was mostly designed to damage ad-blocking extensions while advertised as more secure than the previous version. But it’s still possible to build very dangerous extensions with the the new API. Check out this post if you want to build one.
  • We all heard about LLM prompt engineering, but what about prompt injection vulnerabilities?
  • The story of an engineer leaving Google to work full-time on OSS shows a viable earning model for maintainers.
  • You can now replicate the ChatGPT training process with the new Colossal-AI’s RLHF open source implementation. And it’s also not resource-intensive!