Interesting technologies - 06/2018

1 minute read

Some interesting technologies as of June 2018:

  • Maid, a Markdown driven task runner.

  • Deno, a secure TypeScript runtime on V8 from Ryan Dahl. This runtime aims to fix the things Ryan regrets about Node.js.

  • Nebulet, a microkernel that implements a WebAssembly “usermode” that runs in Ring 0.

  • Parcel, a blazing fast, zero configuration web application bundler.

  • Ava, a JS parallel test runner.

  • CoreRT, a .NET Core runtime optimized for AOT (ahead of time compilation) scenarios, with the accompanying .NET native compiler toolchain.

  • jeelizFaceFilter, a Javascript/WebGL lightweight face tracking library designed for augmented reality webcam filters.

  • ENHANCE!: upscaling images with neural networks.